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Merchant and the Village Circle

A Thousand Threads offers an eclectic array of unique handmade magical tools, handmade masks, re-cycled, authentic, ethnic clothing and textiles from around the world, one of a kind medicine necklaces combining semi precious stones and metals, as well as awesome hand-rolled incenses from the rainforests of Brazil. Come visit this magical bazaar and all others amidst the redwood circle of the Gypsy Vilage.
Bill Bowers (aka "Bill the Witch Doctor") is a chiropractor and bodyworker of 25 years experience who some may know from Ancient Ways, Pantheacon, the Celtic Music Festival and others. Weaving together chiropractic techniques (both traditional and non-thrust) with deep tissue massage, the result is a truly unique realignment, relaxing, rebalancing and invigorating. Half-hour and hour sessions. Foot reflexology also available
Shara has been a Face & Body Painter, transformating people into spirit beings, animal totems and all manner of decorated selves for over 20 years. She has painted at Renaissance Festivals, Pagan Gatherings and Craft Fairs and Gallery Shows all over the country (even in Hawaii and Jamaica). Shara does Mehndi/Henna and Temporary Tattoos. Get painted and guise around the fire, become an elemental or your higher self! Pictures and more at:
Garage Sale Goddess brings you fun and funky resale clothing for all genders, styles and sizes at very reasonable prices. Includes accessories such as scarves, hats, gloves.
Earil and George of Leather Feather Bone and Stone will be bringing you a treasure trove of magical arts created to aid you in manifesting joyous healing and transformation in the ongoing dance of your life. We have custom blended organic perfumes made to fit your own unique body chemistry and personal magical intent, BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, YOU WILL GET IT !! We also have unbelievable exquisite Mardi Gras type masques for you to dance in at the fire, the transformations are incredible. There are twirly swirly skirts from our Boo'ful Me!!! clothing line, fabulous jewelry with which to adorn yourself, beaded prayer and fairy wishing boxes to manifest your prayers and wishes, and fine magical, shanomic, and orisha tools crafted by an initiated witch, shaman and orisha pristess with a total of forty years of combined experience.
Using the power of the caduceus to align the life forces we can explore the ontology, or beginning of your physical/emotional/mental/spiritual concerns. Thus we come to an understanding of your history, emotions, instincts, beliefs, identities, myths and archetypes that can help or hinder your progess through the alchemical process. A thourough, no-nonsense approach using mudras and muscle testing allows for translation and subsequent understanding of the inherent wisdom of your body. Destroy old patterns and unlock new resources to create the life of your dreams. Special festival rates!
We are a Magickal Arts Shop and Botanica specializing in unique, hand crafted ritual and healing tools and supplies. We have many authentic and one of a kind items including shamanic Artifacts and crafts from around the world, crystals, ritually prepared oils, incenses, and candles, etc... We also carry Goddess wear (beautiful sexy, witchy, belly dance and fire circle clothing) and Jewelry. 
With our authentic Botanica we service and supply many pagan/shamanic/alternative faith paths and offer classes, workshops, readings, and healing sessions.
Check us out at 
Sylvia Brallier and Missy Wilreker Featuring Magical supplies ... things of Beauty and Power as well as books, CD's and information about our programs.