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The Sacred Fire Circle

Considerations of the Sacred Fire Circle

Let us envision co-creating a safe, magical experience for everyone in the Fire Circle. In support of this vision, we offer these thoughts for your consideration.

  • The area contained by the torches and prayer flags is Sacred. Please remember people are focusing on magickal work. To avoid distraction, we take conversations outside and away from the Circle.
  • At the Gateway to the Circle, we may smudge one another or ourselves with sage smoke as a purification rite. All are invited to breathe, ground, center, and be aware we are entering Sacred Space each time we step through the Gate.
  • The flow of energy moves around the fire. During moments when we wish to be still, we pause near the outer edge of the Circle, taking care to avoid standing between the drummers and the Fire.
  • We feed the Sacred Fire with consciousness and intention. (No trash please.)
  • Please contribute to the Food Altar, from which we nourish each other throughout the night.
  • The Well is a special place just outside the prayer flags on the north side of the Circle for giving and receiving healing energy.
  • We encourage personal responsibility and safety. Be mindful of your body and how you are moving.
  • Our Circle honors sonic diversity. Please allow opportunities for quieter musical instruments to shine . . . may we also be blessed with silences!
  • The seats in the Circle are for use when making music. At other times, please move instruments aside and make room for other players to sit.
  • Please ask before using someone else's drums or instruments. Remove rings before playing, to prevent blistered hands and damage to the drum.
  • Feel free to play the instruments on the Percussion Altar. Please return them once finished.
  • All are encouraged to share songs and chants around the Fire.
  • Sacraments, smokeable or drinkable, stay outside the Sacred Circle.
  • Many dancers find electronic visual stimulation or artificial light sources distracting so we only use glow necklaces to identify the children in the dark. Please avoid wearing or using light toys or glow sticks in the fire circle ritual areas.
  • Everyone is encouraged to offer food and water to the drummers and dancers, smudge at the Gate, feed wood to the Fire, and care for the space and each other.
  • Have fun, play to your heart's content, and remember that you are witnessed within a Circle of Community.
  • Listen, watch, feel . . . and listen some more. If all you can hear is your own drum, you're playing too loudly. Hold awareness of how your sound fits in with the whole.
  • Let your love show on your face!

Over the course of the evening, when our minds begin to drift and the brilliance begins to fade, a deep work begins. In order to stay present and engaged, it is helpful to remember that we are each other's inspiration. To find and renew this inspiration we need only to discover and rediscover the mysteries within our relationships. We create and explore relationship through our artful interactions in the circle.

~ Adapted from contributions by Jimi & Morwen Two Feathers, J. Levin, Michael Wall, Magnus and Spinner