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Service Groups

This gathering is put on by the community, for the community, and it can only function well if everyone coming helps with the effort. This year, instead of asking you to contribute individual service hours, we are introducing the concept of service groups. These groups will offer opportunities for meeting, connecting with, and supporting each other while we all serve the community.

Service groups this year will include:

Fire Circle Infrastructure: help create and maintain the physical structure of our circle
Temple Keepers: help maintain the fire circle altars, food altars, and other shared sacred spaces
Fire Tending: help take care of our sacred fire
Camp Facilities: help keep our temporary home tidy and enjoyable
Village Circle: help keep our merchant area beautiful
Eco Team: help with the greening of our event
Kitchen: help with meal prep and service
Final Clean-up: help with the final clean-up. Please note that this team will work Sunday and Monday so be prepared to stay an extra day.