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Fire Circle Team Leader

Andrew has been involved with the sacred fire circle community for over 15 years, serving as a fire tender, drummer, dancer, and all around instigator of fun. This year Andrew is leading the fire circle infrastructure team, and is looking forward to being covered in lamp oil soot, peat dust, wood chips, and honest sweat on a daily basis. When not circling a fire, Andrew is a doctoral student at UCLA studying cognitive neuroscience.

Clean Team Leader

Bright Hawk
Workshop Leader

Bright Hawk is an inspired and inspiring story teller, djembe drummer, performer, teacher and playful spirit. Bright Hawk truly shows up for the participants and organizers of any festival she attends. She shares her expansive and playful spirit with the all night Fire Circle and drumming communities she is a part of.

In 1994 Bright Hawk began performing with Mz. imani and Rhythm Alive! She has performed with Circle Skin and Bone, Sister Adsum, Jeff McBride, Abbi Spinner, and Billy Wo ...more

Tech Team Lead

Assistant Cook

Dana Mari is delighted to be "tending fire" in the kitchen at Phoenix Fire this year, helping to prepare your meals with love. Dana's spiritual path is one of songcraft and devoted bhakti service to the Beloved in each of you. She tends a hearth in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, where she is an active facilitator in the women's spirituality community. Dana has been working on a team over the past year to establish a strong national program for the Fans With Cans ...more

Vendor Coordinator

Devra Gregory, AKA DevRa (Dev) lives in the San Diego area. Her life's passion has been in the area of dance and the performing arts, from classical ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, African dance, to impersonation. She also studied music as a youth and feels the link between dance and music is inseparable.

As her spirituality transitioned from traditional Judaism to a more Pagan perspective, her dancing also expanded, connecting with the spiritual nature of dance and movement, and ...more

Diane at dinner.JPG
Village Builder Cook and Kitchen Volunteer Coordinator

Donna Bloomfield
Teardown Team Leader

Workshop Leader

Heather Munro Pierce is a modern day temple dancer who has led inspirational, transformative and healing movement since 1988. In addition to a wide range of dance exploration, she has studied Anthropology and Religion at UC Berkeley and completed a four-year program in Spiritual and Consciousness Studies. Her passion springs from her own experience with dance as a path to healing, health and wholeness.

Staff Legal Counsel, Workshop Leader

James L. Bianchi, Esq. is among the first graduating students from the oldest public interest law school in the country, New College of California, School of Law and is best described as a community activist. Over the years he has been on Boards and Commissions, or founded non-profit corporations, that operate homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, sexual assault programs, drug treatment programs, legal aid offices, and after school programs for elementary school children. Jim practic ...more

Jason Medicine Eagle
Medical Team Lead

Jason is a self proclaimed student of the Mysteries. Having studied and practiced Shamanism for over thirty years, he has also studied many of the worlds religions. These include both Christian and Earthbased. (As a healer, it helps to know about those you are healing.) He was trained as a Combat Paramedic while serving with the USArmy counter terrorism group. He is also trained and certified as a Rape, Crisis, and Family councelor. Jason was a member of the Firedance team since its begining ...more


Jason Cohen first began exploring his relationship to energy or chi at the age of 13. Now at 40, he helps develop community, and builds and holds sacred space for healing and expressive arts rituals. Jason began facilitating full moon sweat lodges in Jamaica Plain in December of 2001. He is the executive producer of "Forestdance", which began in Georgia in 2003, visited five states, and is currently a week long and occurs annually over Labor Day in Massachusetts, and during mid Feb. in Costa ...more

Council, Registration Team Lead, Treasurer

Jasper finds inspiration from cooking, knitting, tending fires, building things with her hands and spending time with inspiring people. Currently, she resides in Berkeley, CA with her husband, Tao, and is self-employed as a FileMaker database developer.

Jasper is honored to have been part of the birth of Phoenix Fire in 2006 and has been on the council since then.

Council, Operations and Kitchen Manager

Jimi Two Feathers, co-founder of Earth Drum Council, is a teacher, facilitator, and community organizer who has been building drum and dance community for over thirty years. In addition to EDC, Jimi is an original member of Dance Free and co-founder of Dance New England. Jimi builds and repairs computers and serves on the Board of Community Change Inc, an anti-racism non-profit in Boston.

Head Cook

I like to cook; I've been busy in the kitchen since I was little. I like to eat; I bet you like to eat too. I also like to play drums... but they don't taste so good, so I promise not to serve any. But I guarantee that I will be making some tasty music in the kitchen for you all. Isn't that a great idea?

Melissa Wilreker
Workshop Leader

Missy is a Vibrational and Shamanic healer, Awareness-Oriented Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Personal Growth Instructor, Theatrical Lighting Designer and Business Consultant. Her healing work draws from many different practices including movement, sound, breathwork, meditation, visualization, Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga and Transpersonal Psychology. Missy comes to her teaching and healing work from a focused center of compassion, presence and deep listening to create a sacredness of s ...more

Morwen 07
Council, Workshop Leader

Morwen Two Feathers is a drummer, musician, teacher, writer, and facilitator who has been exploring the connections between rhythm, consciousness, and healing for many years. She is co-founder of Earth Drum Council, and has been teaching rhythm since the early nineties throughout the Northeast, including a four-year stint at Tufts University. She is also a consultant in the development of nonprofit and community organizations in her professional life. At the fire circle, as in life, Morwen is ...more


Patrick Pidgeon Hawk
Eco Team Lead, Council ('08)

The Pigeon Hawk is a rare bird of the Mystery with a keen sense of Vision and ability to catch his Pray through a startling array spiralacious flight. Often seen around water, especially water that has been enlivened, he is often considered an indicator species for recovering ecosystems, and can sometimes be found teaching Permaculture workshops and tinkering with Flowforms. Pigeon Hawks also seem to have a strange affiliation with mushrooms- especially edible ones that have magickal healin ...more

Guardian Team Co-Lead

Council Alumni


Rodger Osgood has been drumming since Rites of Spring and the Rainbow Gathering in 1986. He learned traditional drumming of Ghana with Agbekor Drum and Dance Society and has studied with African masters Abubakari Lunna, Godwin Agbeli, Mamady Keita, Mohammed "Joh" Camara. He has been an integral part of Earth Drum Council and the drumming at Rites of Spring and has performed with the Agbekor Drum and Dance Society, Rhythm Alive!, and Circle Skin and Bone.

Kids Team Leader, Workshop Leader

Shimmering Wolf

Shimmering Wolf has been drumming and dancing around fires for 2 decades. He has been a "personal growth junkie" since childhood. As a teenager, he led Parent/Teen Encounter communication workshops with his family, taking the experience for several years to families from houston to Los Angeles.

In the 80s, he studied the Course in Miracles and participated in the Beyond War movement. He became inspired to study Native American wisdom after reading Carlos Castenada's book ...more

Guardian's Team Co-lead

Sugoi was first seen walking onto China Grade Road from out of the woods going to camp Cutter with a backpack and pushing a cart that he he walked from Big Basin using trails and fire roads on the way to his first Fire Circle. Magician, trapeze flyer, Techno Mage, meat eater. Sugoi brings an eclectic energy to the fire circle . His first fire circle he started as a mover and shaker. As much as Sugoi love sthe dancing, drumming and chanting around the fire circle he also really enjoy coming to ...more

Council, Workshop Leader

Sylvia Brallier is director of The Tantric Shamanism Insitute, The School for The Intuitive Healing Arts and a recording artist. She has been teaching healing, tantra, metaphysics, shamanism and Earth spirituality workshops internationally since 1984. Sylvia's work is based on her own experiences with both ancient and new techniques for the evolution of consciousness.

Website Team Lead

Tao is one of the founders of the Bay Area Spark Collective, a fire spinner, and a proud member of the getting-it-done crew. He spends his days working on open-source software for UC Berkeley (you're using it right now), and his evenings working on the home he shares with Jasper.

Village Builder Coordinator

In the muggle world, Terence uses black magic for good – by providing P.R. and marketing mind-control to grassroots, national, and global nonprofits. After more than a decade serving environmental and health nonprofits, he returned to his first love: theater. Now he’s the director of public relations at a nationally respected theater company and literary manager for an ambitious new playhouse in SF. When he first encountered the fire circle, Terence fell in love with its mix of motion, em ...more

Installations Team Leader

Una is many things; a Priestess of the Inner Temples, an Artist, a Healer. Most of all she is a Human Being striving to be in harmony with this life; dedicated to healing and wholeness in all its forms, starting from within.
It is in gratitude and love for this Life, for my brothers and sisters of the Fire, for those that have come here before me, those that are yet to find their way here, as well as the purpose that is mine in this lifetime.
This is what brings m ...more