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About Fire Family

The Fire Family is a group of unique individuals who have joined together, aspiring to make the fire circle experience accessible to the world, thereby making it a better place. Our strength is in the union of our diverse paths, and the intention of the Fire Family Council is to be stewards of the common vision we all share.

Our vision is to create a sustainable community-built gathering. The Council and Staff are committed to providing a simple gathering structure and empowering the community to co-create the experience that will fill that structure with beauty.

By “sustainable” we mean the right use of material, financial, natural/environmental, and human resources in order to ensure long-term viability of our gathering and our community.

By “community built” we mean that by showing up, taking responsibility, and working on committees and/or teams, members of the community will co-create the gathering in their own common interest.

We welcome people of all ages and orientations, requiring only mutual respect.

We have formed a non-profit corporation because it is our intention to serve the community rather than profit any individual(s).

We consider the Earth to be a living being and we acknowledge the intrinsic value of all Nature. We pledge to live responsibly on our planet and encourage sustainable environmental practices that support
the web of life.